You're Planning an event

We all want our celebrations to be special and memorable but realize to create the look we really want can be quite expensive. The first thought is I'll do it myself and you can. Here's what happens next: 

The DIY Process

You start looking online for the best deals on your vase, trim, filler, flowers, lights, feathers, candles, glue, tape, etc. You also check with your local stores to see if you can beat some of the prices you found online. How much time did you spend just looking for the best deals?

Now you're onto the next step. You start creating your centerpieces and you realize you need more supplies or you have way too much. That's more time spent on your project.

The good news is you have the beautiful centerpiece you dreamed of for your event. You love the way it looks and you received tons of complements.

Your event is over and now you realize what the heck am I going to do with all this stuff. What are you going to do?

Problem & Solution

Problem: You're spending way too much time finding the products you want at the right price. This time could be spent doing something you love, with your family or simply watching the movie or show you wanted to watch for the last 2 weeks. 

Solution: Choose the centerpiece design and we'll put everything you need to create it down to the glue gun. You don't have to go anywhere and you're have the right amount you need. Once your event is over, return it all and enjoy the memories you made.

Easy, Simple & Affordable!

How Does DIY Your Party Rental Work?



Centerpiece Example

1. Choose Vase

2. Choose Trim

3. Choose Filler


Packed Especially For You

Once you choose the look you want we package everything you need to create the design for your event. 

Time to create. Wait you don't have to do it alone! Invite some friends to help & have a party.

Create, Enjoy & Return

Time to create. Wait you don't have to do it alone. Invite some friend & have a party. Done.

Now it's time to celebrate!

Enjoy! Have Fun! Make Memories!

Pack & Return